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USFA carpenter Associates since 1992

Who we are

The cooperative association USFA selects and markets the best materials in the carpentry sector since 1992.

It offers technical support and consultations to both small and medium-sized carpenters, guaranteeing, thanks to its own experience, a complete service of assistance to the client.

For this reason, various companies have chosen USFA as their spokesperson to best represent their products.


Cooperativa Falegnamerie Associate USFA
Via ai Cioss
Post office box 155
6593 Cadenazzo

Tel. +41 91 85800 69
Fax +41 91 85800 70
E-Mail: info@usfa.ch

Business hours office and warehouse

Monday through friday
13.30–18.00 (warehouse until 17.30)

The USFA team
Rosario Di MartinoManaging director+41 91 85031 54dimartino@usfa.ch
Berta AthosTechnical director+41 91 85031 56berta@usfa.ch
Willy BaldingerConsulting engineer+41 91 85031 55baldinger@usfa.ch
Gabriele ComolliConsulting engineer+41 91 85031 53comolli@usfa.ch

Maurizio Martini

Consulting engineer+41 91 85031 51martini@usfa.ch
Carlo SantiConsulting engineer+41 91 85031 57santi@usfa.ch
Tea Ferrari
Valeria Reina
Office+41 91 85031 52info@usfa.ch
Ivan Capalbo
Alessio Mancini
Aldo Pisoni
Giuseppe Fasciana

The exhibition

The exhibition is the point of reference for all of our carpenter clients where we present our best products and offer our expertise through our consulting engineers.

Thus the private client receives careful and professional advice where he can choose the products with the characteristics that best suit his technical needs and his own expectations. Our consulting engineers are at your disposal.

We have building a new exhibition with a far larger area to be able to present all the innovations and offers of the cooperative association USFA.

Some pictures of our new exhibition:



Via ai Cioss
Post office box 155
CH-6593 Cadenazzo

Phone: 091 85800-69
Fax: 091 85800-70
E-mail: info@usfa.ch